Friday, October 12, 2012

Apple Picking

We crossed an activity off our Fall to-do list a few weekends back.
We found Bellewood Acres up in Bellingham, WA, and made a fun Saturday afternoon out of it.
It was close to a 2 hour drive north from Seattle but totally worth the trip!

I was pleasantly surprised with how large the farm was. When you first pull in there was a huge barn filled with yummy food to taste, knick knacks to buy and beer to drink :)

We had an amazingly beautiful WA fall day.

See that lil horse charging at me..

He was friendly and I wanted to hug him.. 

There were 2 types of apples in season while we were there. Honeycrisp and some other I had never heard of. We opt'd to fill a bag of honeycrisp for $16.

It took us roughly 4 mins to fill our bag....

Even though we had no help from this guy..

Is that a Mariner's sweatshirt I see.. TRAITOR ;) 

After our bag was full we headed back towards the barn.

Passed the Pumpkin patch and thought about snagging one, then we realized we have no place for it in our apt. 

We made a pitstop at the Boundary Bay Brewery for lunch/dinner or shall I say Linner (Seinfeld anyone?!)
I of course demanded the sampler.

Once home, I did what any drunk domesticated wife does and made an apple pie. 
Totally winged it but I must say, I'm impressed with my pie making skills.
Sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter.. done and done!

 The second I enter my home I immediately throw the comfiest pants in sight on, don't lie and say you don't too!!!!

And so we crossed off apple picking on our Fall To-Do's!!


  1. How fun! I've never been there. Quite a drive for a day but that farm is so cute!If you guys haven't been to the haunted corn maze in Sammamish, DO IT. It was so so much fun and totally worth the hour wait.

  2. Great photos! Apple picking is a great fall activity and there are so many fun recipes to try with all of the apples that you bring home!

  3. PJs the second I walk in the door :)

  4. SO SO fun! I always say I am going to do this but never had! We live in the apple state!

  5. Love your pictures! Looks like a beautiful fall day!

    Your newest follower,


  6. apple picking is the best!! def. a great Fall activity.

    Yes..I def. throw on comfy pants the second I get home too!