Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dance Dance: Reception Part 2

We kicked off the dancing with the father daughter dance. My dad picked "Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole. 

Eddie & his mom danced to "In My Life" by The Beatles.

From then on it was non stop on the dance floor! I got some great advice from my "new" cousins Alicia & Ronnie, that  everyone will follow the bride and grooms lead so if they are on the dance floor everyone else will be too!

That helped but also our friends and relatives are dancing maniacs!

Especially this little nugget. She has some moves! :)

Busting it down with bridesmaid Trisha, and I love that my husband is not afraid of the dance floor either!

One of my favorite pictures from the dance floor, this would be my cousin Andrew and our Aunt Margo! 

Eddie must get it from his Dad, as Big Ed isn't afraid of the dance floor either!

Showing flower girl Nina how to get low!
My cousin (their mom) picked out their flower girl dresses, she did such a great job!!!! 

It was time for the garter and flower toss!
As Eddie was removing the garter the Jaws theme song was playing! Ed is shark fanatic (weird I know!). 

We got the gentleman on the floor to "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon!

My Maid of Honor's boyfriend, Joey, caught the garter!
It was faith! And I'm so glad he looked excited about it ;) I would love me another wedding in my near future!!!!

The girls gathered on the dance floor to "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, Pink & Lil' Kim et etc etc.

We made sure maid of honor was dead center.

This girl was DETERMINED. Look at her box out stance (former bball players here!)

And its hers!

They had so much fun with this I loved it! The DJ had him put it on her first then she got to put it anywhere on him. 

Dancing ensued and before I knew it our last dance song began to play.

We closed the night with "Marry You" by Bruno Mars.

And that my friends ends the recaps to the most amazing day of our lives!!


  1. Awe, you were such a beautiful bride! I love the song you chose for your father daughter dance. We used that song for our wedding part to talk out to. New follower!

  2. You really were such a gorgeous bride. Looks like it was a day you will never ever forget!!!

  3. One of my girlfriends was also determined to catch the bouquet and she did...hahaa. Love dance party pictures!

  4. I found you through my sister's blog (Shannon @ Page Twenty Two) - you were a beautiful bride & your pictures are gorgeous :) I'm a new follower!

  5. LOVE these photos! you look so beautiful!

  6. this looks like such a fun wedding!!! you look so beautiful!