Friday, July 6, 2012

Thankful: Thanking our wedding party

Finding the perfect gifts for our wedding party was such a fun wedding task!

As I mentioned in my prior post, my mom and I went to the rehearsal dinner venue that morning and decorated, we also dropped off the gifts. I used them as place cards for our guests so they would know where to sit. 

For the Guys:

My brother threw his on right away! Look how handsome :)

For the ladies:

I got them each a canvas tote from Wedding Chicks, I filled it with.. 

Kate Spade earrings - which they all wore on the wedding day!

Cute flippys which I HAD to buy. I got them at Marshall's and they had the exact number I needed in the EXACT sizes.. talk about fate!

I also added this travel brush set from Sephora, the ones I bought were bright pink! I included this because I wanted to tie in that I was treating them to their makeup on the wedding day!

I added this pink lightweight bathrobe from Old Navy... when I purchased these I had this thought in my mind of the cute bridesmaid shot with all the girls in them... my girls did not disappoint, look how beautiful they look!

And before the rehearsal I treated them to a little nail pampering. This was a really fun way to spend some time with my ladies prior to getting hitched!

Please disregard the intense spray tan, I scrubbed and scrubbed at this the morning of the wedding to get myself a few shades lighter!!

For the flower girls:

I also bought them totes from Wedding Chicks I added some flower clips I found at Forever 21 which they ended up also wearing on the wedding day.

I added these cute sticker paper doll books I found on Amazon as well as a Disney Brides coloring book w/ crayons. I believe these were a hit with my little lovies. 

How presh is my flower girl Nina, she melts my heart!

I also found this adorable pearl necklace and bracelet set from this Etsy seller. The girls are sporting them in this picture

Our parents were a tricky one, I mean what could you possibly give them to thank them for all that they have done! Once I got it out of my head that it was impossible to put a monetary gift to that I was good. 
We decided on gifting them with pictures from our engagement shoot. 

For Eddie's parents we gave them a canvas print of this shot, it was taken on their pond so I thought it was fitting!

For my parents we used this shot and had it put on a piece of wood through Photo Barn, I loved this concept!

I bought my dad these cufflinks, because frankly I could not resist! He is a talented self taught guitar player and hearing his music fill the house is one of favorite memories of growing up. 

I am pretty sure everyone loved their gifts!! I know I loved watching them all being opened!


  1. what thoughtful gifts, your party was totally spoiled! i love those totes too

  2. ahhh!! i ordered totes from the same site & bought robes & flip flops as well! great minds ;) cannot get over how gorgeous you & your gown are! congrats again!

  3. thanks for sharing!! where did you get the earrings from? the actual store or an outlet?

  4. I'm so glad you are back to the blogging world!! Your pictures are amazing!!!