Monday, July 23, 2012

Italy Honeymoon Part 1: Florence

The day after our wedding we had a 5:30 pm flight to Italy! 

We had an easy overnight flight arriving in Florence in the early AM, we were still riding the wedding high at this point!
Bright eyed and bushy tailed landing in Florence!

We got to our hotel the Best Western, and were pleasantly surprised to have a beautiful patio. Our hotel room was HUGE for European standards! The location couldn't have been any more easily accessible too. We were a quick walk away from the train station.

After scoping out the hotel room and taking in a quick nap we headed to the hotel bar for our welcome drinks. We had such a great view overlooking the Duomo which is the dome shaped cathedral pictured.

The first night out in Florence was a short lived one, we had a delish early dinner then were ready to get some much needed SLEEP. We were so exhausted from the wedding and traveling! Plus we had a tour booked for the following day that we had to meet for at 8 am!
We booked a Tuscany in a day tour through Viator, which I would highly recommend.

First stop on the tour was Sienna. It was a lovely little city, but it was a bit chilly and overcast which made walking around hard to enjoy.

Second stop: Organic lunch at a farm in Chianti. We had a food and wine paring, and it was DELISHHHH! We sat at communal style tables and it was really nice to be able to get to know some of the other people on the tour!

Eddie's favorite was the dessert wine, no surprises there, he loves anything SWEET!
Go ahead indulge with that almond biscotti husband!

The sun finally decided to come out and we were LOVING this view! 

3rd stop: San Gimignano. I loved it here with its beautiful stone walls around the city.  The city was filled with cute little gift shops and restaurants, as well as a few torture museums!

World Champion Gelato, well duh we had to try it!

The last stop was Pisa where we saw the leaning tower!

then loaded up on some more wine before our drive back to Florence!

Our last day in Florence we walked around the city aimlessly, the weather was finally warming up and we were finally on "Italy time"!

For me 2 nights in Florence was NOT enough! Unlike how much I heard about the gypsies and theft that went on in this city I didn't experience it nor did I see it around me. I felt so safe and was just in awe of how beautiful everything was. 

We made the most we could out of Florence in our short time then were off on the fast train to Rome... 


  1. Ooohhh Beautiful...I didn't get to go to Florence. :-(

  2. LOVE Florence and Pisa! I studied abroad in Rome when I was at UW - such a wonderful country!

  3. what an awesome honeymoon, it looks fabulous!

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