Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Warming up for the big event!

The wedding weekend kicked off with our rehearsal at the church followed by a dinner hosted by my in-laws!

The rehearsal went off perfectly, I never knew how beneficial the rehearsal would be. The practice round really did help ease my mind about how the next day would go, and the hand off from dad to future husband was apparently more complicated than I thought...

The wedding coordinator also made sure to STRESS the fact that nobody better show up drunk on the wedding day.... like OVERLY stressed.. he must've had some pretty messy mishaps prior. I couldn't even imagine that! Needless to say, we didn't have any issues on our wedding day :)

After getting it down, we headed out to The Scarlet Oak Tavern to enjoy a night of eating, drinking, and finally spending time with people we love that we hardly ever get to see!

My mother and I went earlier that day to decorate the room. I loved how it came out, simple but adorbs!

I had Shannon Grant Photography capture the evening, she did such a great job, and I hardly even noticed she was there snapping away! All upcoming photo cred goes to her amazing talent!

Once everyone got to the venue Eddie & I snuck away quickly for a few photos around the outside of the restaurant, the rain broke just in time!

Ed had to drag me away from the camera ;), to join cocktail hour and mingle. 

After an all to quick hour, it was time to sit for dinner.
The Scarlet Oak Tavern provided the cutest menus for us. 

A slide show with a bit too many embarrassing photos of myself was shown... I had a very short haircut as a child and was mistaken for a boy more often than not, enough said! But Eddie, he was a cute kid, so at least we had those photos to offset mine.

Toasts, hugs and gifts (upcoming post to come) were given.

Desert was dished out..  no wedding diet would let me pass up one of these! Even though my dress would hardly zip up when I picked it up the day prior.. #brideproblems

and of course we concluded the evening with a bridesmaid photoshoot

Me and a few of the bridesmaids ended up crashing in my suite talking nonsense and laughing a perfect way to end the evening!

2nd best night of my life right there.. obviously the 1st is hard to trump!


  1. So beautiful... omg - you in your wedding dress... STUNNING!

    Looks like a wonderful rehearsal dinner as well :) So happy for you. Hope to see more pics from your big day soon!! xo

  2. beautiful! looks like a fantastic night and your dress is freaking cute!! can't wait to see more!

  3. You look beautiful! Looks like a fantastic night!

  4. You're so beautiful! What a fun rehearsal dinner :)

  5. Wow I almost never come across another Frances. Lol Congrats on the wedding :)

  6. i adore your rehearsal day dress!! so cute.