Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow day!!

Seattle was legit on lockdown today!
It was glorious.. sleeping in and catching up on my favorite wedding blogs in bed! GLORIOUS!
I also made this delish and easy banana bread that was wayyy too good and easy not to share.

All you need is this Trader Joe's box, 2 eggs, water and some vegetable oil! 
TJ's definitely can not steer you wrong w/ their mix's so far I have tried and loved their brownies and cornbread mix! YUM. 

We ventured out around lunch time to grab some food and let Russ play in the snow. 
Walking around outside was so pretty, the snow was hardly touched and bright white, not much was shoveled or plowed! 
Unlike in New England where they have plows going from the moment the snow hits the ground making it a yucky brown mess on the streets and sidewalks.

You would think Russ was from Alaska the way he was loving the snow today!

Skiing and snowboarding down Dravus street.. sure why not! When life hands you lemons you make lemonade!


  1. The skiing and snowboarding cracked me up!!! Ohhhhh Seattleites ;) and I must try that mix from TJ.

  2. How fun! That's so funny that peopel were skiing down the street! We are loving these snow days :)

  3. Bring some snow over here!! I'm so jealousssss. Pretty much all of my friends live in/around Seattle and they're having a blast with all the snow

  4. lordy lordy that's some SNOW!!! :)

  5. Wow! That TJ b bread looks great! I will have to try it. Can you get over the snow we are having. I love finding local blogs and found you through Seattle Smiths. I'm now following you and just love your blog :)

  6. I will have to try that banana bread box! thanks for sharin!

  7. Oh my gosh last week was a mess! I worked from home all week - I didn't want to deal with crossing 520 in the snow/ice!

  8. OMG your dog = too freakin cute!! Hope you enjoyed the day off :)

  9. amazing!! i want it to snow here so bad!!

    p.s you are getting married on my birthday!! how awesome is that :) x