Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Maids in RASPBERRY!

While I was home over Christmas I got all my bridesmaids together for a fun (ha yah right) day of dress trying on. Don't get me wrong there is nothing I enjoy more than my best girlfriends company but finding the perfect bridesmaid dress for them has been my least favorite wedding activity! 

I know they would all look great in ANYTHING but I couldn't decide what color, material, length etc I wanted. 
So I went from this idea, soft pink chiffon by Donna Morgan..

To this Jim Hjlem .. silky taffeta in raspberry.

I think all of the ladies will wear this dress fabulously and I'm super excited that I added this burst of color to the day!

Here's my maid of honor Collette, sporting it!

This pic gives a better idea of the color..

Happy Bridesmaids (minus 2)...and no, I'm not nakie here.. I had my wedding dress onnn. EEEE :)

Which brings me to today!
While out racking up the Visa bill, I stumbled upon these in Forever 21. 

At only $2.50 each I couldn't help but scoop them up! I think these will look great in my ladies hair!
(they are much more pinky in person and not that reddish).

Soooo glad I have this one crossed off the list and I think all of the girls are happy.. I HOPE! :)


  1. Yay! Taffeta! Love the dress, love the color! Love the hair clips. Nice work. It does feel so good to check those maid dresses off the list!

  2. i love jim hjlem dresses! what a great choice :)

  3. Very pretty, and love the color!

  4. beautiful! i love the color, it's going to look fab in photos! the flowers will be super cute too

  5. I tried on your first dress at nordstrom a few weeks ago since my I am looking for a blush dress for her wedding. I really like your final pick though...great color!

  6. YAY! Love the dress, love the color and LOVE the little flower hair clip find!!

  7. Pretty dresses! Raspberry is such a great color on everyone!