Monday, July 11, 2011

The wedding to-do list is shrinking!

We just arrived back in Seattle after an amazing trip home to Boston. Sad it went by SOO fast! 

I am impressed with the amount of things we got accomplished! 

1. Booked Florist 
This was EASY, I knew I wanted to ask my neighbor who owns a florist shop. While I was home she brought me over some lovely flowers from her garden, I took this opportunity to ask her on the spot!

2. Engagement Pics/ meeting our photog
Katie Hall met us at a park near our house in Mass. I instantly felt comfortable in her hands! I cant wait to see how the pictures came out and I can't wait even more to see how our wedding pics come out with her amazing talent!

3. Met the Priest/ finally saw the church 
Father Tom, who is marrying us is actually an old friend of Eddie's uncle. He really put us at ease and gave us great instructions on exactly how the day and days leading up the ceremony will play out. Not to mention he had such a great personality I am ecstatic for him to marry us. 
We also were able to FINALLY see the church, I had only seen pictures via online stalking.

4. Blocked off rooms at the hotels
The Holiday Inn actually wouldn't let us "block" off rooms its basically on a first come first serve basis at a discounted wedding rate. I will have to make sure to tell guests to book asap! 

5. Decided on the Rehearsal dinner spot
We had lunch out in the beer garden at the Scarlet Oak Tavern and it was a done deal! I knew it was love at first sight when the GM greeted us with champagne upon arrival!

6. Booked the wedding day transportation 
Kenny's Coach was an instant yes as well. Kenny met us to take a peek at the Trolley's he had, he was such a sweet guy. We had 2 Trolley's to choose from, we opt'd for the one that was a little more open. 

A beautiful Jim Hjelm creation

WOOHOO. Writing it all out makes me feel even more accomplished and I love seeing my "before we do we must" list dwindle down!


  1. SOOOOO exciting!! Can not wait to see pictures from your big day!!

  2. WOW sounds like you got a TON done!!! Love your pics by the way and can't wait to see the engagement photos!

  3. Geez, you're on a roll crossing things off you're list girl! So exciting! :)

  4. wow! what a lot of thing accomplished all at once! that's the best feeling in the world. Don't worry you'll be amazed at how many things will replace those on your "to do" list very quickly though ;)

  5. Your dress is cute! I feel just like you about the shrinking to do list. I have got some stuff done this past month. Doesn't the list seem sooooo long!!?? Good luck!

  6. Love the wedding dresses!! And yay for getting all those things done!! Its all coming together:)