Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My favorite place in the world

I wanted to do a quick recap of the amazing time Eddie & I had when we were home 2 weeks ago, geesh how time flies. 

10 a.m. landing @ Logan! I was a GIDDY girl seeing this out my window!

We celebrated a pre July 4th party on the 3rd in Marshfield, where my MOH Collette lives. I couldn't wait to see her place, she has the most amazing beach house! 

We hung out and grilled and drank all afternoon then watched the fireworks at night. The fireworks in Marshefield are incredible! Miles and miles of people lighting them along the beach.

..right along this beach... you can't beat this view!

On July 4th Eddie's parents hosted a big cook out! So many of our friends came out for it!
We ate, drank and boated on their pond!

We hit a Red Sox game with Eddie's parents!

We dined at one of our favorite restaurants Sweet Basil, not only is the food always amazing but it's also BYOB, can't beat that!

And went out with all our families on our last night at Patriot Place, we LOVE Patriot Place!

We had the best time in Massachusetts, already counting down the days until we are on the east coast again!


  1. I can't imagine being so far away from where I grew up. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Looks like a great time! I have been to NY before, but I really would love to go spend more time exploring the east coast!

  3. What a wonderful trip it looks like you had!! I love Boston so much and miss home too..I'm from Connecticut but have so many family and friends that live in Mass. I love to visit as well!

  4. Looks like so much fun! And at least you were out of the Seattle 78-minute summer weather :/

  5. Gorgeous!! You look amazing - and I can't wait to take a trip over to the East Coast (besides NYC - Ive been there) someday!

  6. Looks like a fab trip with family and friends. Lovely blog!