Thursday, July 28, 2011

Floating along

This is how I spent my last weekend.... 

and I hadn't quite recovered all week. Hence lack in any creative (or any) posts. 

We spent last weekend camping in Eastern, WA. Washington is funny like that, drive 3 hours east and add 10-20 degrees on the thermostat!
 That sun got to my brain this past weekend and fried it, not complaining, I needed those happy sun vibes!


  1. The sun AND a tasty beverage or two I am sure was refreshing! Hope you had A BLAST!!

  2. That sounds great! I have always wanted to do a float trip!! Yay for sun in WA :)

  3. Ohh looks so nice!

    Not sure if I told you but I changed my blog name!

  4. I spent my weekend on a floaty too! :) I couldn't live without that sun, i wish it was like this year round :)

  5. I love tubing and your picture makes me wish I was on the river now!

  6. I'm so happy you found my blog so that I could find yours! Looks like a fun weekend in Eastern WA!