Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring is FINALLY hitting Seattle!

Eddie's parents were in town this past weekend visiting us from Boston. I am SOO glad we had some sunny days while they were here! 

Saturday morning we headed straight for the Ballard Locks. If you are ever in Seattle it's a really fun attraction to check out! The locks link the Puget Sound w/ Lake Union and Lake Washington. The water level drops and rises to let boats through and there's always a crowd watching on! 

Ed's Mom & I in front of the locks..

There's a viewing area where you can watch the spawning salmon swim by. I never had such an interest in Salmon until moving to Seattle. It's a way of life out here!

Russ is VERY excited for spring weather. Spring weather means many more long walks and outings for this lil guy. 

No trip is complete for our visitors until Eddie & I take you to Columbia Winery. Here's the future in-laws and my hunny tasting some of the delish wine and flatbread pizza that Columbia Winery has to offer!

We had the best time with Eddie's parents in town. So sad to see them leave!


  1. Hooray for sunny Seattle weather! :)

  2. Yeyyy!

    It seems like we're entering summer here in Florida :)