Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maui Day 4: Paia

Again, Day 4 started out like the others- I had a few hours in the sun by myself, by this point I was already almost finished with Something Borrowed. I CAN NOT WAIT to get to the theater to see it!! Something Borrowed was such a great beach read!

At around 10ish We headed towards Paia, a cool little surf town. This is the last pit stop on the Road to Hana, we debated doing the ride but many people advised me against it, knowing I have major issues with motion/car sickness! Here is the long line of traffic..

As much as I wanted to see all the amazing sights on the road to Hana, I'm glad we got to explore Paia, where we found my favorite beach in Maui.  We stumbled upon Paia Bay (also referred to as "Baby Beach") since it was walking distance from where we were parked. Baby Beach is right at the edge of town right before you enter Paia.  Here's a glimpse of it, in all its gorgeousness!

We lounged on the beach for a few hours then our bronzed bodies and sandy bums trucked back to the condo to shower up and head over to Beach Bums for dinner yet again! Ok maybe we should've tried a few other places for food throughout the week but Beach Bums was the only place that was walkable, and we were NOT looking to get DUIS in Maui (not like I'm looking to get one anywhere else either)!

Since we decided on having a round or 2 of these guys... I think we made the right decision to walk!

We brought the IRA's to Hawaii! An IRA (Jamison, Bailey's and Creme de Menthe) is Eddie's signature shot. Personally, I think its pretty nasty hence the Jager shot in the front which is mine!

This night my drink of choice was vodka, water & 3 lemons!
It kinda shows.....

This is Eddie & I in front of the the condos we were staying at. I'm pretty sure Eddie got a tad annoyed at me that I made him stop for this pic. My famous last words when someone complains about me taking pictures are "you'll thank me later" I'm not really sure he's thanking me for this one! ha.

I slept like a baby after this night.


  1. You are absolutely gorgeous and Im so jealous of your sun kissed tan! Such a fab blog.

  2. Beautifu Maui pics! You look great! Hope you two are doing well and all the planning is comin' along! :)