Wednesday, May 11, 2011

13 Months!!

13 Months to go! YAY!
ok well not 13 months from today, but 13 months from Monday (the 9th)!
I've been slacking big time in posting. May started off VERY rocky for me, but it can only get better from here! Especially since the next 4 weekends in a row are going to be freaking unbelievably awesome and filled with visitors from Boston, ahem my 2 best friends & soon to be parents-in-law!

Ok back to my month 13 excitement! Month 14's "goal" was for me to try on some more dresses.. huge fail. I didn't even attempt to do this since I have it in my head now that I will find my dress on our trip home in July (we booked our plan tickets yesterday, woohoooo!!) I think buying it in Mass makes the most sense since that's where we'll be getting married.  That way I won't have to lug 10 tons of lace across the country in.....
  13 months!

Since I failed miserably at my month goal, I'll leave you with a pic from my first ever dress trying on experience.
I almost walked outta the store with this Amy Kuschel dress ordered.. it was 100% completely not what I wanted and I'm so glad I didn't end up with it!

Anywayyy.. I don't have a big goal for month 13. I would love to get our florist booked, I know who I would love to ask, I just haven't made the call yet!

Style me pretty had this wedding featured last week, I want to be a huge copy cat and copy EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! ha ok maybe an exaggeration, I do want some of my own ideas thrown into our wedding!

This is the idea I've had in my head for centerpieces even before seeing this beautiful floral spread!

Hanky invites!!!! What a creative idea!

This is the exact color palette I have in mind, except my girls will be sporting short skank-a-liscous dresses! I KIDDD, sorta!

 LOVE the hair. I am currently obsessed with an understated low lying bun with a huge flower!

So, 13 months to go, and this girl is getting more and more excited by each passing month!


  1. So exciting! :) That color scheme is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Aww so exciting! I miss wedding planning! :)
    Love the flowers and colors!!

  3. omg franice i can soo see this being your wedding colors and flowers!!!

  4. annnd goood call on getting your dress in mass! i say we go to newbury for a day :) :) :)
    ill apply there too

  5. I'm using all these pictures as my inspiration for my wedding too! :) You will be a beautiful bride and good luck planning.