Thursday, March 10, 2016

San Francisco is always a good idea!

So this will go down in history as the best idea my husband has ever had.

While laying in bed one night soon after our first follow up appointment with our Reproductive Endocrinologist, listening to me cry over the excruciatingly long timeline for our frozen embryo transfer, my husband brilliantly says "lets take a trip- lets go to San Francisco!" At that moment my sniffling stopped, looked up at him and said, "really?" and seconds later  I was on my phone looking at all of our airline apps to see which airlines we had enough points with to book the flight! 
Next up was calling my roommate from college, Kelly, who just so happened to move there 5 years ago and just so happens to have a spare bedroom. 

The trip came together quickly but we had to wait to book until aunt flow arrived so I could have my follow up appointments completed, blood draw and sonohysterogram -I only mention this because i want to document that all looked good and we were given the go ahead for our Frozen Embryo Transfer at next cycle - HOORAYY! But this post is not about my infertility, it's going to be about SF. See life still can happen even when 99.5% of the time you are only thinking about making babies. (that sounds kinky, but its not.. my baby is a science baby, made with love and SCIENCE!) 

After some minor inconveniences with our flight we arrived in SF at 2 AM on Friday and proceeded to hit the hay at Kellys!

Friday AM we actually made it out the door before 8:30 AM. Yay me, I'm still really not even sure how I pulled off dragging Eddie out of bed. Kelly lives in Russian Hill which is a great central location, we were able to walk to the Embarcadero where we had a trip scheduled to Alcatraz at 10 AM.  We stopped for breakfast at a cute bfast place 8 AM. 

Avocado Toast 3 Ways, paired with the yummiest fruit. We haven't quit hit yummy fruit season on the east coast so this lil bowl of fruit made my morning. 

The only downside of the weekend was RAIN. It was literally 70s and sunny the week before we got there. But I knew rain was in our future all weekend so we didn't let it get us down!

Ferry over and touring Alcatraz....

After our tour was over we headed on back to the mainland and decided on some lunch. We made our way to Brixton in the Marina . Then walked around the Marina for some shopping and coffee @ Wrecking Ball. I mean I had to get a pic in front of this wallpaper!!!

But lets talk about what transpired before this picture... I ordered my mocha in a pretty little "for here" cup knowing full well I wanted to get a pic with it in front of this Pineapple Wall. Drink comes I pull it up to my face smile for the camera then BAM. Mocha down, all over my only pair of leggings I brought for the trip! #fail. 

I somehow convinced Eddie we needed to stop in Lululemon for a backup pair of leggings. #score
Which brings me to lulu leggings - this is my first pair and holy cow where have these been all my life. I got the High Times full on, and holy suck in. I've read there is a pilling issue, so the jury's still out with last ability. Good thing lulu has the best exchange policy ever. 

Once Kelly got out of work we met her back at her place to get ready for the night out.

Can we talk about this view from her apartment? NO that is not us photo shopped in there! 

Our first nights dinner did not disappoint! They brought us to Tosca, and it was heavenly. We ordered 2 orders of the Chicken dish. Which I would eat every day for the rest of my life if I could. It takes about an hour to prepare so if you go order it right away!

Us prior to devouring our chicken... what not all of your husbands carry clutches out at night?! ;)

The night ended with lots of cocktails and bouncing around the city. 

Day 2 started with brunch at Original Joe's SF. YUM. we then made our way over to AT&T Stadium so Eddie could see the park. It was pretty neat and I wouldn't hate if Fenway was surrounded by water. Looks like a really awesome place to catch a game or just watch from one of the nearby bars.

 Now its right after noon time so we feel its appropriate to get a wine tasting in @ Bluxome Street Winery. A few drinks later and we are on way to a boozy SF day of fun.

At this point we are brainstorming our next food break. With so many options in this city it was a bit overwhelming for me, loving food the way I do.. ha. 
We decided on Mexican but we weren't quite ready yet so we headed over to the Haight for some cocktails at Alembic. 

Our last full day, damn that went quick.. we headed over to Sonoma. The weather looked promising as we crossed the Golden Gate!

Our first up and only outdoor tasting was at Gloria Ferrer. Which just so happened to be our cheapest since Visa Signature members get free tastings.. just an FYI :) 

Second up Jacuzzie, where you could taste wine, olive oil & shop! I loved the Olive Oil tastings here at the Oil Press. Wine was equally delicious, we ended our visit with port in chocolate "shot" glasses.

Last up Imagery & Benzinger, sister wineries. We ended up becoming members at Imagery and I'm already dreaming of our first shipment in April, however, on second thought I HOPE I can't drink it!

and that my friends, was the result of the best idea my husband has ever had.

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  1. Fun! San Francisco is pretty much my favorite place ever.