Monday, February 1, 2016

Staying occupied: Bedroom Update!

So there are a TON of projects I want to get done prior to bringing home our baby to this house. I am making the best of this in between waiting time to start on these projects. Hey make lemonade out of lemons right?! I have some more months on my hands to get these things done! 

A few weeks ago we finally starting tackling our bedroom. We live in a small cape house so our ceilings are slanted on the upstairs of our house. This makes room arranging very difficult! 
When we moved into the house we had the room flip flopped so our bed was facing the window vs underneath it. And with this set up every morning when I woke up I banged my head on that damn ceiling getting out of bed. So for about a year I talked about switching the room around and FINALLY Eddie agreed to the project!

And since we were moving things around, we might as well paint right?!

Lighting is awful in these pics. Still using my iphone camera for everything even though I purchased a fancy new DSLR a few months ago! 

So here's the progression:

Paint: Benjamin Moore Cashmere Gray... has a green undertone as you can see!

Now that we had the bed under the window we needed a headboard so we headed to the Boston Interiors warehouse sale and picked up this tufted beauty!!! 

But still I was not finished! That gross blind had to go! I loved the look of the wood plantation like shutter blinds so we got some affordable faux wood blinds from Home Depot

Next up! Walk in closet redo!! 


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