Thursday, November 8, 2012

Farewell Sweet Seattle!!

So, after much much much much much thought.

Ed & I have decided our time in the Pacific Northwest is coming to an end.
It's been an amazing just about 3 years but we are READY to move back to Massachusetts and start a new chapter of our lives.
It's definitely not going to be an easy transition, as no move is. I love Seattle and part of me was not ready to leave at all, but would I ever be?! I mean who looks forward to a cross country move anyway!

We've met amazing people on this side of the country and Seattle will always hold a huge part of my heart. 

Seattle you damn won me over, and I'm going to miss the crap outta you!

Eddie & I the first week we moved here.. actual picture was from Portland as we stayed there a few days first before parking our butts in Seattle.

Eddie & I now... 3 years and a lot has changed, we came to Seattle as 2 CRAZY kids in love and we are leaving a semi-sane married couple! ;)


  1. Sounds exciting! I have never visited either place-Your pretty lucky, actually! =)

    Have a great week!



  2. Will both of you have a job back east?

  3. awwww best of luck in the travels! keep us posted!

  4. Seattle will miss you! Safe travels back to Massachusetts and good luck with the new adventure!

  5. What a move! Good luck going back "home" :-)

  6. How exciting!! Good luck with the move and everything!