Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fling before the Ring Savannah Style!

This past weekend me and some of my best girls & I met up in Savannah Georgia for a weekend of sun and ridiculousness. 

There was no place I'd rather spend one of my last weekends as a single lady than at this little slice of heaven. We were welcomed to 90 degree heat.. HELLOOOO what I needed SOOO badly in my life right at that moment!

First stop on the agenda River Street! Any city you can walk around with cups of booze is a city I want to be in! We grabbed some margaritas and hit the pavement!

That lady up front, thats my maid of honor, one little ball of fun!

We found this hot spot on top of the Bohemian Hotel and saddled up for a few more rounds. 

Then made our way back to our pad for the weekend.. This place was AMAZING, let me tell you, just take a look at the patio, that is if you can look beyond the obscene beer bong.. hey it had to be done, it was a bachelorette weekend after all!

Moving right along to day 2, we hit Tybee Island, a short 20 minute ride got us to this island paradise. I coulda parked my butt here for days. Tybee was a super cute little beach place, not a whole lot going on in that area though.

This is my college friend Jen & I. She seriously keeps me sane throughout the workweek on gchat. 

After a few hours in the sun, we headed back to the house and cleaned ourselves up, I was ready for the night pimp cup in hand and some pretty jewels around my neck (ha).

We started at Vics on the River for a high class dinner, I ditched my bach garb for this and traded up for a classy proseco drink. Not too many pictures we were taken after this point in the night..

The night ended back in the kitchen where we chatted for hours..

Day 3 we relaxed on the patio then got ready to hit City Market for some sight seeing.. I wore this extremely comfy Victoria's Secret dress.

We quickly ordered some Peach Sangria for our stroll.
 Here we are waiting and waiting and waitinggg for it!

By the end of the day and evening we were all a little rough around the edges.. even though, see that sneaky girl to my left, that's one of my bridesmaids, well see, as I was shoving Jager shots down she was taking "tequila" shots ahem actually WATER shots. JERK. ;)

We stumbled our way home and crashed that night.. 

The next morning we packed up and got ready to say goodbye. We did one last stroll around City Market for some lunch. 

What an amazing bachelorette weekend was had by me!! Seriously nothing tops a nice long weekend away with my girls!! Can't wait to be reunited with them again in ONE MONTH for my wedding day!!!!


  1. looks like a fab time! and you look smoking in that bikini!!

  2. I love your bikini and your VS dress! Your weekend looked so fun.

    One month and counting- you must be so anxious. I'm still four months away and can barely contain my excitement!

  3. omg what a perfect bachelorette weekend :) so happy you had a fun time! i love all your outfits- especially the purple VS dress (just checked and its on sale too.. love it!). enjoy every last second of this month- it literally FLIES by and soon you will be a MRS :) XO

  4. Loving your VS dress and swim suit!! what a fun weekend!

  5. Wow amazing weekend!!! Great weather too...gosh I am so jealous of the south...hahaha

  6. An amazing celebration it looks in deed!!

  7. How fun! A great getaway with the girls and I love your suit and dress!