Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding in New Hampshire

This past weekend we spent a quick few days on the East Coast to celebrate with these guys...

Our good friends Brendan and Gina had an insanely fun wedding at the Margate in Laconia.

Gina looked absolutely stunning and I could tell they put so much thought into every detail of their wedding day. I wish I took pictures of it all! But instead I danced my toushie off.. until Eddie escorted me off the dance pooper!!

But not before I enjoyed a fab night with some of my amazing hometown friends.

And parents!

It feels like a dream this past weekend, it went by farrr too quickly!

We took a red eye to Boston on Friday night. Upon boarding I was told there was no more carry on space. In an instant my bag was whisked away to be checked, at that moment I KNEW my sweet little carry on would not make it on our plane to Boston.
We landed Saturday morning, got to the bag pickup and low in behold my bag was MIA. 
My bag was a few hours behind us on a flight that was DELAYED to Boston. Lucky for me I have an amazing fiance who dropped me off for my scheduled makeup trial 40 mins from the airport and went back to the airport to wait for my sweeeet little bag which contained my DRESS and SHOES. 

My makeup trail went amazingly and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Karla, she is soo sweet! I can't wait to hang with her again when she beautifies me on my wedding day!

Here are some bathroom shots I took while waiting for Eddie to pick me back up!

It was a very rainy humid day on the east coast and the makeup lasted and looked great all evening! Even amongst the rushing of getting ready to make it to the ceremony on time!


  1. Your dress and color is just lovely on look beautiful!!! Glad you had a great time at the wedding and that your bag did make it there...woo hoo for a fiancé who went back for it while you had your make-up trial, which looks great!

    Liesl :)

  2. Haha I love the top pic of you guys! Looks like a fun wedding. The makeup looks great!!!!

  3. How fun! And I just love your dress - so so cute!!

  4. You look HOT in that dress...looove it! :-)

  5. You make up looks amazing!

  6. you looked amazing and I love your dress! looks like a really fun wedding!