Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lazy Dog

I may NEED to buy this...

Randomly stumbled upon this dog sling on Etsy... I would so buy this but I am pretty certain Eddie wouldn't be caught dead in public with me if I had it on.

But really, it would be super helpful! Russ has been extremely stubborn lately on our walks. He'll just lay down when we are a mile away from home and refuse to walk anymore so I have to carry him. This could be our solution to the lazy dog situation!

Russ, your lucky I love you buddy!


  1. HAHA Jack (the dog) would never go for that..he'd probably trample me trying to get out and chase after another dog! LOL!

  2. Clementine totally agrees with you- you must have this carrier! Use code "Russ" in my shop for free shipping :). xoxox- Kate & Clementine