Monday, June 20, 2011

My love for card boxes

Thanks to Style Me Pretty I stumbled upon this amazing Etsy seller NanaMontana
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these for card boxes, oh so shabby chic!

How perfect, right?!?


  1. I can now completely understand your love for card boxes. SO perfect!!

  2. Cute blog, i love it <3
    You now have a follower from Denmark ;)
    XoXo Rikke

  3. omg. love love love the first box. so beyond cute. thanks for another lovely post. Would love if you'd check out my latest trend report and outfit post. Thanks love. xoxo

    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.!/fashboulevard

  4. I love ALL of these boxes! That's a gorgeous idea! I never know what to do with the clutter of cards!!

    and FYI- alot of those dresses ok ALL of them were from either TJ Maxx or Marshalls!!

  5. I am loving the card boxes as well and already planning my mine and the sign I fun! So excited for your upcoming wedding and thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

    Liesl :)

  6. Oh these are just so beautiful!
    I love the third one -- so gorgeous :)
    Thanks for sharing these!

  7. so perfect! what agreat way to store your cards and small wedding details afterwards too!

  8. These are all so beautiful!! I'm going to add you to my blogging brides page, thanks for following me!